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Avast Professional version 4.7
TCP / IP, Subnetting, VPN
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AHK Soft provides cutting edge IT (Information Technology) support and consultancy for the small to medium sized business enterprise. We deal with all aspects of computer equipment including desktop and laptop sales & after sales service, web development, software development, and integrated network solutions.

At the moment we offer our services to two regions, in the UK (Surrey) and Pakistan (Karachi) but Inshallah, AHK will expand and provide services to many more regions in the UK and across the Pakistan. We offer superior Service of high standards with a vow to eminence & quality.

AHK Soft gives new life to your business by using the latest cutting edge technology, combined with mind-blowing creative ideas. We focus in expertise solutions for website designing & development, e-commerce solutions, application software development including all Business solutions (like Inventory, Accounting, Payroll, etc) with various databases combination, graphic design, multimedia and hypermedia, CD presentations etc , also Hardware accessories sales & services and computer Networking with various operating systems flavor like Windows 9x, Windows NT, UNIX, Linux, Mac, Solaris etc.

Our squad of proficient is devoted to make available customized solutions to meet specific requirements. Our team includes experts of Operating Systems (with different flavors like Windows 9x, Windows NT, UNIX, Linux, Mac, Solaris etc.), Databases Handling and Installation with maintenance and backup of databases expertise (like Oracle, Microsoft SQL/Access, MY SQL, DB2, Terabyte, etc) and as well as in Hardware we have trouble shooter in various environments. In Software we have experts of VB/VB.NET, Oracle developer, Microsoft SQL/Access, Oracle, MY SQL, HTML, DHTML, JSP, PHP, JAVA Scripts/Applets, ASP/ASP.NET, Macromedia Flash etc.

 Our Goal
To become a preferred partner for organizations outsourcing their IT solutions development requirement and IT related non-core business processes. To provide value added solutions to small and medium sized organizations with customized software to increase their efficiency.
 Our Mission
To develop, manufacture, market and service a range of IT solutions and IT enabled services with high quality values to enable our customers to become more industrious.
 Our Vision
Our vision is to provide superior customer service and to make a difference for our clients.
 Corporate History

AHK Soft is Solution Provider Software House based in Karachi, Pakistan and Surrey, UK. We started our operation in Dec 2005, and since then we are committed to provide cost effective high quality Solutions to our customers in Pakistan and UK. Currently we are focusing on Trade, Education and Marketing industries and different industry regions etc. AHK Soft’s expertise ranges on a entire range of solutions including software (web development, Inventory, Payroll, ERP, and E-Commerce projects), Hardware (Desktop and Laptops sales and services and different hardware accessories) and Network (With different Operating systems on different environments) which has helped our clients to increase their productivity many fold.

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