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 Network Maintenance

AHK Soft provide network installation & maintenance services for small and medium Business, as well as Troubleshooting in Network, Restore & backup Data, Repairing of Networks in any type of network like wireless, Wires of Ethernet, Fiber optics on different Networks (Intranet and extranet).

We focus in expertise solutions for Networking, Software & Hardware solutions including all Business solutions on any type of Network with various operating systems flavor like Windows 9x, Windows NT series, UNIX, Linux, Mac, Solaris etc. Our squad of proficient is devoted to make available customized solutions to meet specific requirements. Our team includes experts of Operating Systems (with different flavors like Windows 9x, Windows NT, UNIX, Linux, Mac, Solaris etc.), Databases Handling and Installation with maintenance and backup of databases expertise (like Oracle, Microsoft SQL/Access, MY SQL, DB2, Terabyte, etc) and as well as in Hardware we have trouble shooter in various environments.

AHK Soft has established an incomparable assessment for Catastrophe environment Services and urgent situation Recovery in the industry and all small business environment.

Whether any damages of following

* by virus attack,
* by force remove the files and folders from Windows operating system,
* faulty shutdown by pressing the button or removing the power cable.
* Power failure damage of Network,
* Drop Voltage damages of Network (up or down from normal position of voltage),
* Physical damage,
* Fire damage,
* simply facing a cable cut or a network down,
* broken/Cut of computer system wires,

Our Emergency Service Team is ready to spring into action. We possess the engineering skills and the equipment to be at your side any place, anytime and help you face anything nature or man can throw at your systems.

With our expert networking credentials and an in-depth background in network troubleshooting and analysis, we can be your safety line in the rough seas of network performance.
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