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X Leopard
Version 10.5

Mac OS X version 10.5 "Leopard" is the name of the upcoming sixth major release of the Mac OS X operating system for Apple's Mac line of personal computers. It was shown to developers for the first time at the 2006 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). It is currently available to Apple Developer Connection subscribers for private beta testing. A feature-complete beta version was distributed to developers at the 2007 WWDC. The final release is slated for October 2007.
Leopard contains over 300 changes and enhancements, according to Apple.Some notable features include support for writing 64-bit graphical user interface applications, an automated backup utility called Time Machine, support for Spotlight searches across multiple machines, and large revisions to most core operating system components.

X Tiger
Version 10.4

Advanced OS combines power and stability of UNIX with elegance of Macintosh.Fast Web browser with built-in RSS support; easy-access Dashboard.iChat AV brings multi-way video and audio conferencing directly to Desktop.Plug in nearly any device, plug into any network; no configuration, no hassle.Breakthrough new desktop search technology; uncluttered workspace.
X server
Mac OS

Mac OS X Server is the UNIX-based server operating system that includes a complete suite of standards-based network services. Beyond fast file and print services, Mac OS X Server provides cross-platform management, imaging, and security capabilities, and collaboration features that integrate seamlessly with the desktop user experience. There is also support for POP and IMAP mail, ftp, QuickTime Streaming Server, DNS, and DHCP — right out of the box. And because an unlimited client license for Mac OS X Server is included at no additional cost, you can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on licensing fees.

Mac OS

Xsan takes advantage of the 64-bit file system in Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger” — so users in your organization can share files and volumes up to two petabytes (2PB) in size. Dozens of systems on the SAN can read and write to shared storage simultaneously, unlike other solutions which gate access at the volume level. Even better, using a SAN lets you pool data across multiple RAID devices for better performance, while each client can access this centralized data as if connected directly to it. And by connecting users directly to a high-speed Fibre Channel network, Xsan eliminates the need to transfer files over slower Ethernet-based networks. Using Fibre Channel multipathing, in which two Fibre Channel cables connect a computer to the SAN, an Xsan client can theoretically achieve throughput of up to 1.6GBps, perfect for multiple editors working on a video project or a compute cluster that needs fast access to data to ensure each node crunches at full capacity.

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