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Version 6.5

Novell® NetWare® 6.5 secures the product's position as the most reliable foundation for deploying business-critical, open-source-enabled solutions. It is the obvious choice for hosting myriad services that increase network availability and user productivity-and decrease the cost of doing business. Specifically, NetWare 6.5 is an ideal platform for providing the following services:

NetWare Migration Wizard
Version 8.0

NetWare® Migration Wizard 8.0 is a user-friendly server migration utility that simplifies and accelerates the migration of data from older servers to new server hardware. With NetWare Migration Wizard, you can migrate entire volumes or specific directories within the volumes from earlier versions of NetWare to later versions of NetWare.
Bundled with NetWare 6.5 and Novell® Open Enterprise Server, NetWare Migration Wizard 8.0 allows you to migrate the file system and Novell eDirectory™ (formerly Novell Directory Services) database from a NetWare 5.1, NetWare 6.0 or NetWare 6.5 source server to a faster, more reliable NetWare 6.0 or NetWare 6.5 destination server. After the files and eDirectory database are migrated, the destination server replaces and assumes the identity of the source server on the network.

NFS Gateway for NetWare
Version 6.5

NFS Gateway for NetWare® 6.5 is a powerful, convenient tool that enables NetWare 6.5 servers to access Unix and Linux NFS exported file systems. Using the gateway, NetWare servers can mount NFS file systems as virtual NetWare Novell Storage Services™ (NSS) volumes. Once this occurs, NetWare clients can transparently access files and directories on any NFS server system on the network.NFS Gateway for NetWare 6.5 integrates with the NSS 3 file system and has been designed to take advantage of the unique file system interface provided by NSS. This leads to greater performance and scalability of the NFS Gateway service; it can handle more files and directories—with better performance—than previous versions.

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